In order to maximize your chances of being hired, we recommend that you provide as many details as you can when creating  or updating your profile. Our platform supports a number of items that can help to make you stand out, including:
  • Resume: Your resume needs to conform to our structure/input fields (we do this to create uniformity in presentation) and must include your employment history, educational information, and any other information that you feel may be important for a prospective law firm to know when considering hiring you.
  • Profile Picture: A clear photograph of your face. We suggest a professional photograph.
  • Interested Practice Areas: Our platform provides over 50 different areas of law (continually increasing). We allow you to check up to 10 different areas of law.
  • Current City: Your location may be an important factor for some law firms/lawyers and/or assignments. In some circumstances, for instance, law firms/lawyers may require you to attend a meeting or visit their office.
  • Personal Video: It is recommended that you create your own short video (60-90 seconds), where you can tell law firms/lawyers a little bit about yourself (see How do I upload a personal video?).
  • Writing Samples: You can upload a maximum of four samples to demonstrate your writing skills. We recommend that you remove or redact any confidential information from these writing samples prior to uploading them to your profile.
  • Student Status: In order to gain approval, you must provide us with some proof of your law student status. Forms of proof can include 1) Student Identification card or 2) Transcript.
  • Recommendation Letters: To increase your chances of getting hired, we recommend you upload any recommendations that you have received, from prior legal/non-legal employers.