Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a mechanism that is aimed to assist contract lawyers and law firms in resolving any disputes that might arise through their engagement on K-Lawyers. Both parties are encouraged to first try to resolve their differences amicably through our Direct Messaging system.

Calling a dispute and initiating a resolution process are done through the following steps:

1. The law firm may raise an issue with the work in progress by clicking the "Dispute Payment" button after you have requested payment. 

2. Both the law firm and contract lawyer will have an opportunity to offer a settlement or respond to a settlement offer though a series of popup windows.

3. As long as a dispute exists, the funds will continue to be held in escrow. When a resolution is reached, the funds will be disbursed according to the resolution.

4. In the event that a dispute is raised after the first payment is released, the parties will be referred to the same resolution.

** Our escrow service provider, Payoneer, is licensed and fully compliant with banking, financial, and governmental requirements in the USA. The online payment and Escrow system employs stringent security measures, ensuring your user data remains completely safe, secure and protected. It employs advanced fraud monitoring, pre and post transaction, that safeguards the activity in our marketplace against suspicious activity and fraudulent users on our platform.

For more information please see Payoneer Escrow FAQs