Traditionally, law firms hire contract lawyers through staffing agencies (both domestic and foreign) and/or legal marketing websites. These options prove costly for contract lawyers, who pay these services high commission. It is also risky for law firms who often have no insight or control over the contract lawyer's screening process, as well as no channel for feedback or ratings to help ensure the quality of the delivered work product.

In comes K-Lawyers...

K-Lawyers is a marketplace created for lawyers, by lawyers, which connects law firms with contract lawyers and facilitates the delivery of legal services. With K-Lawyers, law firms are provided with a streamlined platform that allows them to vet, hire and review contract attorneys, as well as stay updated with billing, work progress and payments through smart and controlled mechanisms.

With K-Lawyers, law firms are provided with the following information for each contract lawyer:

  • Resume 
  • Areas of specialty
  • Years of experience
  • State bar admissions and good standing certifications
  • Location
  • Recommendations
  • Ratings
  • Writing samples
  • Streamlined conflict/check mechanisms 
  • Personalized video

So, how does it work?

  1. Sign up (it's free!)
  2. Once approved (within 24 hours), use our smart filters to help generate a list of contract lawyers that are suited for your particular need(s).
  3. Browse the profiles of these contract lawyers and select the lawyer(s) you wish to hire.
  4. Submit an inquiry to the contract lawyer(s) using our template addressing project details, price, conflicts and any other information that you see fit.
  5. Utilize our Escrow Payment System to help facilitate payment in accordance with your arrangement.
  6. Exchange documents using our document exchange platform.
  7. View and review updated time sheets and project status updates.
  8. Upon receipt of work product that meets your objectives and satisfaction, release the funds from Escrow and post a review or rating on the contract lawyer's profile.

We are very excited to provide both law firms and contract lawyers with access to a unique marketplace that will dramatically change the legal service landscape.