To post a new assignment, you must first register to K-Lawyers. Once your account is approved, you can post any legal assignment to the marketplace by following these instructions:

After you sign in, click "Post a New Assignment"

On the New Assignment page, fill out all the mandatory fields. The new assignment process includes the following:

     1. Overview 

Select from the suggested criteria (Type of Matter, Activity, Type of Task, and Task)


2. Assignment Details 

  • Assignment Title: Choose a title that will clearly define the type of work you are seeking to assign.
  • Case or File Name: Any case or file name you input can only be seen by the K-Lawyers you hire.
  • Conflict of Interest Check (Optional): You have the option of adding the name(s) of the party or parties involved in the legal matter to determine if there is a conflict in hiring a certain K-Lawyer. Make sure to be precise when entering the name(s).
  • Deadline: Add a date and time by which you would like the assignment to be completed.

Notes: Provide a detailed description of the legal assignment, including specific information about the work needed, the magnitude of the assignment, estimated start and completion dates, important due dates, and some background on the matter. The more defined the description, the easier it will be to find the right K-lawyer for your assignment.

3. Qualifications

  • Must Be Admitted In: If the assignment requires that a contract lawyer have his/her bar license from a particular state, then select a state bar. If no specific bar admission state is required, uncheck the check box.
  • Must Be Located In: If the assignment requires that the contract lawyer be in close proximity to your location (i.e. if an assignment requires a visit to your office), choose a location. If no specific location is required uncheck the check-box.
  • Must Have the Following Experience: Select the amount of experience, in years, required for your assignment. Uncheck the check box if experience is not required.
  • Must Have the Following specialties: Choose up three areas of expertise that a contract lawyer may need to handle the assignment. Uncheck the check box if specific areas of expertise are not required.

4. Billing Method

Select Your Preferred Billing Method: You may choose to hire a K-Lawyer based on an hourly rate or a flat fee. The attorneys you invite will bid based on this criterion.