Our Escrow Payment System (EPS) is designed to protect the integrity of our marketplace by:

  • Providing law firms with a mechanism to ensure the quality of completed assignments
  • Confirming that contract lawyers are paid for completed work

When a law firm hires a contract lawyer, a work order is generated by our platform which prompts the law firm to deposit funds into the EPS. The EPS is set up to give both law firms and contract lawyers the ability to customize the terms governing the payment on any particular assignment. Whether regarding project duration, task benchmarks, or amount fees, K-Lawyers aims to provide both the law firms and contract lawyers with the tools they need to facilitate a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The EPS offers the contract lawyer a guarantee that once the mutually agreed upon milestones are completed and set into the EPS, he or she will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.

The EPS allows law firms to be confident that the contract lawyers will be held to an agreed-upon standard prior to the disbursement of fees.

Once a contract lawyer marks an assignment as complete in his or her assignment dashboard, the law firm is given a five-day window to dispute such completion. If no dispute is presented, then funds in the EPS will be automatically disbursed to the contract lawyer.

If a dispute arises as to whether or not an assignment meets the agreed-upon standards, either party may submit a dispute.